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A Life Care Plan to Protect Your Loved Ones

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the month of February is a perfect time to think about care for our elderly loved ones. As average life expectancy in the U.S. continues to increase, many children are being called upon to take a primary role in either caring for their elderly parent(s) or assisting them in finding good long term care.

 U.S. Census Bureau statistics indicate that the number of Americans aged 65 or older will double by the year 2030 to over 70 million. That trend, combined with the growing number of couples starting their own families later in life, indicates that the issues facing this so-called Sandwich Generation show no signs of slowing down. When faced with the challenge of managing a busy work life and the hectic schedules of today’s kids and teens, how can anyone possibly have time to navigate the maze of care options for their aging parents?

 Although there is a wealth of information available regarding care for the elderly, the sheer variety and amount of choices can be overwhelming.  Consequently, it is important to be well informed about the different kinds of care available so that you can formulate a plan and choose the best situation for your loved one. Life Care Planning combines legal representation, asset protection, care coordination and advocacy into a single solution that answers all of the tough questions about your loved one’s long term care, now and in the future. It is the ultimate protection for elders and their families.

 At Zacharia Brown, we are a holistic law practice offering elder-centered solutions for families struggling with the demands of a loved one’s care. When we meet with you and your family to discuss Long Term Care Planning, our primary focus is on Quality of Life and Quality of Care. Please contact us at 724.942.6200 or visit  to make an appointment with one of our attorneys and find out more about creating a personalized Life Care Plan for your loved one.


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