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About Zacharia Brown

Replace your anxieties
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About Zacharia Brown

We are a boutique law firm that focuses on helping individuals achieve their estate and long term care planning goals. We begin by establishing a strong foundation with quality estate planning documents that can later be utilized to protect the assets and life savings of individuals and families as they progress through the different stages of their lives.

There is a segment of elderly citizens who are blessed with relatively good health and may never require the intense personal care of a nursing home. For those folks, good life care planning may be all that is needed to see them through their days with dignity and a measure of independence. Families of those with failing health, however, may have no choice but to consider the care that a nursing home would provide, or in the alternative, will need to find support to care for their loved one at home. Unfortunately, the long term care maze of federal, state and local rules and regulations that apply to available benefits, along with the myriad of housing options and care management issues can be overwhelming. WHETHER to apply for Medicaid or VA Benefits can be just as important a consideration as WHEN to apply. We are convinced that no one should attempt to navigate this system on their own. It is not a matter of losing some of your money to taxes. It is a matter of losing everything.

It is our belief that it is never too early to talk about  creating an estate plan to protect your family. As individuals marry and/or have children, it is essential to create a plan that will ensure your family's stability and protect them if something unforeseen occurs. This type of planning usually consists of the following: a Last Will & Testament ("Will"), a Durable Power of Attorney ("DPOA"), and a Health Care Durable Power of Attorney & Living Will ("HCPOA").  Depending on your specific family situation, it may also include discussing a Trust in certain situations; choosing a Guardian and Trustee for any minors; ensuring that your 18 year old has a Power of Attorney and other specific planning needs to your individual situation.  providing for a disabled child or loved one

For over 25 years, we have focused on Estate Planning, Elder Law Planning Needs of Seniors, Asset Preservation Planning, Medicaid and Veterans Benefits Eligibility and Estate Administration.

Replace your anxieties with peace of mind. Trust the knowledge and experience of the attorneys and staff of Zacharia Brown.