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McMurray, PA

We are a team of attorneys, advocates, social workers, and experienced staff working together to assist individuals and families with their estate planning and long term care needs throughout all of the stages of their lives.

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At Zacharia Brown's McMurray office, a successful and well drafted estate plan starts with a clear understanding of a client's goals, as well as their current and projected financial circumstances. It will also include all aspects of estate and elder law planning including, the preparation of wills and trusts, durable powers of attorney, advanced directives, advice on tax planning and protection of the family home.

At Zacharia Brown's McMurray office, understanding the ever-changing landscape of long term care planning and Medicaid benefits is crucial in protecting your estate from the high costs of skilled nursing care. We guide our clients through the process of protecting their income, assets, and life savings with the creation of an elder-focused estate and Medicaid plan.

Veterans’ pension benefits are extremely valuable to the elderly veterans and their families who take advantage of them. These benefits help to defray the high cost of long-term care by providing an additional stream of income., while at the same time allowing veterans and their families to retain more assets and deplete savings at a much slower rate when faced with a long-term care need.

At Zacharia Brown's McMurray office, providing comprehensive support in the administration of wills and trusts can give families peace of mind when they are facing the passing of a loved one. Choosing an experienced and caring team to facilitate the probate or trust administration process will ultimately help you to save time and money as well as minimize any family frustrations.