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Veterans' Pension benefits

Helping Veterans Get the
Benefits They Deserve

Veterans Pension Benefits

Veterans pension benefits are extremely valuable to the elderly veterans and their families who take advantage of them. These benefits help defray the high cost of long-term care by providing an additional stream of income, allowing them to keep more of their assets and deplete their savings at a much slower rate when faced with a long-term care need.  Unlike other Veterans’ benefits, this benefit is available to both the veteran, and to the surviving spouse after the veteran passes away, regardless of who is in need of the care. 

The VA accredited attorneys at Zacharia Brown are here to assist you in navigating the Veterans’ Pension Claims Process. Whether it be developing a plan to create eligibility for future benefits, ensuring a claimant is receiving the maximum pension they are entitled to, appealing adverse decisions of the VA, or maintaining a claimant’s eligibility into the future, we will be your advocate and prepare you for what to expect throughout the process.