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What’s New at Zacharia Brown in 2018

With the new year officially underway, we have been busy with lots of exciting developments at Zacharia Brown! We have been working to develop new ways to reach out to our clients, long term care communities, nursing homes, elder care partners and others who are seeking information on Elder Law issues. Here are just some of the things we are rolling out for 2018.

Good LTC
GoodLTC is a ground-breaking communication forum for those who work in and service long term care communities.  It is a place where members of the industry can go to share concerns, collaborate on problems, and seek answers to questions. You can visit the forum to get the latest information in the industry and you will also have the option to send and receive emails on topics relevant to your specific group. We have created GoodLTC as a place to collaborate, share information and ideas, ask and answer questions, work together as a group and help one another. This is a FREE service that Zacharia Brown is sponsoring for our partners in the industry, For more information and to sign up, visit

Care & Share
In February, Zacharia Brown will begin hosting a brand new Support Group at each of our offices. We envision this group as an intimate, no cost, open forum where individuals can offer support, stories and advice to others who are currently dealing with elder care issues, as well as those who may need assistance in the future. These groups will meet once a month (per office) on Fridays and are designed to help address questions regarding care coordination, ongoing health issues, planning needs and other elder care topics.  Zacharia Brown will provide a meeting space and facilitate these groups each month so that members can share valuable information and personal experiences with one another. Please contact us at 724-942-6200 if you would like to attend a group or for more information.
February’s Care & Share schedule is as follows: Versailles/McKeesport Office:  Friday, February 16th at 1:00pm McMurray Office:  Friday, February 23rd at 1:00pm

Radio Shows and Wednesday’s Weekly Wisdom
In 2018, there are now 6 times a month for you to tune in and hear Zacharia Brown share information and discuss important topics in Elder Care and Long Term Care Planning. First, on KDKA, you can listen to our call-in show on the third Tuesday of every month. We have also started hosting a weekly radio show on 94.5 3WS FM which airs every Sunday morning from 7:30am-8:00am where we share current developments, tools and stories to help you navigate the maze of planning and paying for long-term care. Lastly, we have a new one minute segment on KDKA called Wednesday’s Weekly Wisdom with Zacharia Brown. The segment will air once a week on Wednesdays throughout the month between 3:00pm and 7:00 PM. and will allow us to share helpful tips on Elder issues.

Our Weekly Blog is Back with a Twist!
This year, to supplement the information we share through our weekly blogs, we will be inviting guest bloggers to contribute to the posts on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

As always, we will be conducting many seminars throughout the year for the general public and for partner organizations that we work with in the arena of Elder and Long Term Care Planning. Visit our website at to view all of our upcoming seminars and events.

To learn more about Elder Law issues and discuss long term care planning strategies, please contact the attorneys at Zacharia Brown. You may schedule an appointment by visiting our website at or by calling 724.942.6200.



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