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Staying Safe in the Summer Heat!

As we make our way through the hottest month of the year, it is a perfect time to review some helpful safety tips for seniors in beating the heat. To that end, we are happy to share this guest blog from

The frequency of heat waves has grown higher and higher in recent years, bringing sweltering temperatures that have resulted in a high number of heat-related deaths and illnesses. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that around 600 Americans die each year due to heat stroke and sun stroke.

Summer heat poses the greatest risk to the elderly–out of all age groups–with the mortality rate for heat-related death rising sharply for Americans in the 65-74 age bracket and climbing ever higher for subsequent age groups.

Heat stroke kicks in when the body is no longer able to regulate its temperature, after which body temperatures can quickly rise to danger levels.  Symptoms of heat stroke include: a pulsing headache, throbbing heart rate, nausea, and confusion. A body temperature above 105°F can prove fatal if treatment isn’t sought out immediately.

The elderly are at a greater risk because their bodies’ perspiration systems don’t work as effectively as in younger people. Because of this, their symptoms can come on fast and unexpectedly.

Fortunately, there are ways of avoiding a trip to the emergency room, or worse. This infographic gives the best tips on staying safe during the high heat days of summer and early fall.

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