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Living Will - Advance Directive

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Living Will/Advance Directive

In Pennsylvania, you have the legal and ethical right to make your own decisions about the type of health care you want. If you are able to communicate these decisions to your physicians, they will directly involve you. However, if you are unable to make decisions, others will have to make these decisions for you.

A Living Will or Advance Directive is a place for you to give guidance to your Health Care Agent about how you want medical decisions to be made at the end of your life, if you are unable to communicate those wishes to your doctor. It provides for situations in which you have an end stage terminal condition from which no hope of meaningful recovery exists. It allows for you to tell your Agent whether you want to pursue aggressive treatment or if you just want to be made comfortable and allow yourself to pass away. An Advance Directive becomes effective ONLY if you are in an end stage terminal condition and cannot communicate. If your doctor can ask you what you want, they will always ask you. Having an Advance Directive does not mean that you no longer wish to be treated for your illnesses or injuries. You will be treated to the fullest extent possible until your doctor and Health Care Agent have agreed that you are not going to recover and that the burden of keeping you alive will outweigh the benefit to you.

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